Thursday, July 25, 2013

Boomerlit Bloghop, July 26

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Today's excerpt is from Detour on Route 66, a short story scheduled to be released in early August.

Ben drove up the winding road to Airport Mesa and parked in the lot. He took her hand and they followed the other sightseers toward the overlook. They found a good viewing spot on the edge of the crowd while the sun was still a few degrees above the rim.

“Why were all those cars parked halfway up the hill?” Ben asked. “I can’t think the sunset view would match the one from the top.”

“That’s a trailhead and a vortex site. It’s very popular.”

“I see. So what is your take on this vortex phenomenon?”

Marsha looked toward the people below, scattered over the flat surface of a large rock. “I think it’s people trying to come up with a pseudo-scientific way of explaining simple emotions. All the supposed vortex sites are places of special beauty. When you stand or sit in those places and really give yourself time to absorb the peace and splendor of that spot, of course you experience something special. I think vortex is just another name for joy.”

Ben looked at her thoughtfully. “You’re a joyful kind of person, aren’t you?”

Marsha raised her eyebrows. “Actually, I’ve been more of a mournful kind of person lately.”

“That’s understandable. You’ve been grieving. What I mean is some people are natural critics; they find fault with everything. You’re just the opposite. You see the good things: the humor in life, the beauty in tiny wildflowers, the joy in your surroundings.”


  1. I like Ben already. Such an observant, thoughtful guy who isn't afraid to express his feelings. Great characters and dialogue.

  2. Thanks, Sharon and Sandy, and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Beth,
    I think I know that very spot! I can so clearly picture myself in the story. I'm eager to see what happens next!

    Happy writing,

  4. Thanks, Anne. See you there.

  5. Beth, this is an interesting way to present two characters that are clearly very different...Well done!

  6. Thanks Claude. Nice to have you drop in.