Saturday, December 28, 2013


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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

For Children and Dogs, I'm Thankful

I just got back from a wonderful Thanksgiving week in Prescott, Arizona. My husband, son and I flew down to Arizona so we could have Thanksgiving with my daughter who only had Thursday and Friday off and wouldn’t have been able to fly to Alaska. I love cooking for my family, and it was great celebrating the holiday with the four of us together, but a little bittersweet to realize it might not go on much longer.

My son is just finishing his student teaching and (cross your fingers) will be teaching next fall and won’t have the whole week off. Odds are that with one kid in Arizona and the other in Alaska and no extra days off, somebody will miss Thanksgiving with the family next year. As they grow in their careers and start their own families, time to spend with us will become harder to find. This independence was always our ultimate goal, but it can sometimes leave a mother can feeling a little superfluous.

I have the cure for that. We flew back to Alaska last night, and this morning I went to pick up the dog from the kennel. Roxy left me no doubt that I was missed and loved, and that she will always need me. Fifty pounds of wiggling, joyful dog makes it impossible not to smile. So, I’ll take a cue from Roxy and live for today, with thanks.