Monday, July 6, 2015

With a Kiss

Today is International Kissing Day

photo credit: I only dream of you via photopin (license)


  1. My favorite kisses:

    A kiss on the forehead when I was dropping off as a child. Mom or Dad, both good.
    Smacking, enthusiastic kisses from children
    Romantic kisses
    Bad breath puppy kisses
    Butterfly kisses from a child who's just heard of them.
    Air kisses exchanged with non-American friends (definitely some etiquette involved here: you must kiss the air half an inch from a human cheek. *smack* *smack* followed by a smile

    Watching two people kiss who have been parted for a long time by danger and distance. Best when involving a horde of happy children.

  2. Ah, so sweet. I have to agree with all of those, especially the last one. I love arriving home at the airport and seeing the families waiting just outside the security area, the way they almost crackle with excitement when they spot the person they love. Then come the hugs and kisses. You're right, they're best with a horde of happy children.