Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Dog for All Seasons

In honor of National Dog Day, I'd like to share a few moments from the life of a happy, funny, and loyal companion, Roxy. Roxy likes to play. Always. She's happy to chase a ball, or tug on a rope, or pounce on a laser pointer. She even thinks the reflected sunbeams from her dog-tags are a toy and chases them across the wall.

She thinks every action is an invitation to play, including vacuuming the living room, when she attacks the vacuum cleaner and lifts it from the floor. 

She enjoys watering the garden ...

and shoveling snow ...

and she likes to find the hidden icicles and carry them away to hide them. 
This one was a little more than she could handle.

When we adopted her, we told Roxy she wasn't allowed on 
the couch, but she assured us she was. 

Guess who won that battle.

Happy National Dog Day. I hope you have someone who bring as much joy into your life as Roxy does to mine.


  1. She's a gorgeous dog! Looks like she's a lot of fun :) Makes me wish I was allowed to have pets in my apartment

  2. She's a playgirl. We actually adopted her because the people that had her moved to an apartment where she wasn't allowed.

  3. We had a boxer years ago, Gretchen. She was a wonderful guardian and a very amusing dog. Dad showed us how they leap about like boxers (in a ring). I do miss her still. Yours is a sweetie-pie!

    1. Gretchen -- what a great name for a boxer. Roxy is a sweetie-pie, except with the mailman or if someone rings the doorbell, when she transforms into a Tasmanian devil (the Loony Tunes version).