Sunday, January 24, 2016

Creating a Happy Home

I saw this article from Good Housekeeping listing some items that create a happy environment in the home, and we can all use some extra happiness, right? So I decided to take inventory. 

1. Green or yellow walls - Check. Not bright yellow, but I think that brownish yellow counts. It's actually yellower than it looks in the photo.
2. Fresh flowers - Not at the moment, although I'm a big fan and I'm sure I'll be bringing home a primrose or bunch of daffodils soon. In the meantime, I have fake ones, as well as a pretty floral pattern on the shower curtain. Does that count?

3. and 4. Sentimental photos and vanilla candles - Check. 

5. A journal - That would be this blog, and I agree that reading over old posts and comments does make me happy.

6. Furry friends - Check. She's definitely a day-brightener, even if she does think squeaky toys exist only for the purpose of being dissected and destroyed.

7. Floral scents - Nope. Not a fan of heavy scents in general. However I do have a pinon pine just outside the window that smells wonderful after a rain, and it certainly makes me happy.

8. A made bed - Yes, I agree. I do feel better when the bed is made.

9. Lack of clutter - Not so much. I'm getting better, and some areas of the house are pretty good, but the desk area isn't one of them. Maybe someday I'll get it all organized.

One happiness trigger they left out, maybe because it's out of our control, is sunshine. Early this month we temporarily relocated from Alaska to Arizona, and nothing brightens my day like a pool of sunshine creeping across the living room floor, especially after a month of darkness. By the time we return in March, the sun will be back in Anchorage,too, and the bulbs will be starting to wake up under the snow. Maybe that's why yellow walls cheer us up; they remind us of sunshine. 

How do these things affect you? Does it matter to your happiness whether your walls are yellow or gray, or if your bed is made? Are fresh flowers a waste of money or a necessity? What do you think?


  1. I like the idea of yellow walls. Maybe I'll undertake a painting project this year. And I've always found de-cluttering to help my mood dramatically.

    1. I love the feeling of looking at a newly organized space. My husband rearranged the pantry yesterday, and it's a work of art. My problem is maintaining the organization, but I'm trying to be better.

      I think bright yellow walls would wear on me, but one yellow accent wall, or walls in a warm ivory or beige always look cheerful.

    2. That's true, yellow can easily overwhelm if it's too bright.

  2. I have gold yellow walls in the bedroom and my little boy's room has blue walls. The rest of the house is plain white walls simply because we got too busy to paint them after the little guy was born and he ended up drawing on the painted walls anyway LOL

    But I do love sunshine and am more creative during the mornings here in California.

    1. It doesn't matter what color your walls are when you have little ones in the house. Nothing like a child's laugh to inspire happiness (or his cry to inspire panic, but that's off-topic.) Be sure and take a picture of his early art projects; you'll treasure it later.