Monday, March 14, 2016

Pie for Pi Day

Chicken Pot Pie Unbaked
In honor of Pi Day, I've been making pies, and as I cooked, I reached far back in my memory for those formulas I learned in math class.  

As I recall, pi (π ) equals 3.141. Circumference equals 2 times π  times radius (1/2 of diameter), and area equals π  times radius squared. 

Strawberry Pie


*The chicken pot pie is in a ten-inch pan, with an area of about 247 square inches and a circumference of 34.41 inches. 

*Dessert is in a nine-inch pan, so we'll enjoy just under 200 square inches of strawberry cream-cheese pie in pecan crust for dessert.

And to the dedicated math teachers of the world - for patiently teaching us to calculate whether two mediums or one large pizza is a better buy - thank you. 

And thank you for introducing us to pi.

Happy Pi Day.


  1. Yum, chicken pot pie is my favorite! What a great way to celebrate :)

  2. Belated Pi day to you! Those pies look delicious!