Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy National Booklover's Day!

Today, August 9th, is National Booklover's Day, so I decided to take a photo of my bookshelf. Right. Like I have one bookshelf. I decided to show you my pretty shelf, the one with some of my favorite hardbacks.

But that's not really representative. My bookshelves are not neat and tidy and arranged in decending order of size. Here's one of the three main bookshelves in the downstairs hall. Once upon a time, the mysteries were in alphabetical order by author, but then I ran out of room and had to stack others in front and, well, you know. 

Plus, there's the bedside bookshelf, which is just a random mess.

And the cookbook shelves.

And random piles of books, like these I brought home from the RWA Conference.

Plus the one thousand four hundred and seven books in my kindle library.

Not to mention the garden books in the sunroom and the writing guides, and the how-to books in the basement, and some hand-me-down books in boxes, oh, and the travel guides, and photo albums, and the books under the bed, and my husband's books...

Hmm, maybe I'd better stop there before someone reports me. But you know what they say:

I just hope they're right. Anyway, 

Happy National Booklover's Day to you! 

And if you missed it, don't despair. Everyday is booklover's day as far as I'm concerned.

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