Monday, November 9, 2015

Colors of Autumn

I've always lived in the West. West Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Arizona to be exact, all different, but similar too, with a certain spare, rugged beauty. I love the West, the wide-open spaces, the rocky landscapes, and the big blue skies. It's only this time of year that I get a little jealous of those of you on the East Coast, because of your trees.

Western forests are mostly evergreen, pines or spruces, with some cottonwoods along the creeks and golden aspens high in the mountains, but we don't get the glorious masses of autumn color like the hardwood forests in the east. I see the amazing yellow, red, burgundy, and bronze of oaks and maples in neighbors' yards, so much more luminous than the pictures I've seen of autumn foliage, and can only imagine a whole forest of rich, glowing leaves in so many different shades.

Someday, I'll visit New England in the autumn and see it for myself. In the meantime, I try to make up for the lack of outdoor autumn displays with fabrics and flowers. I found this paisley remnant that looked like fall to me, and couldn't resist making a pillow.

We have a nice warm quilt on the bed. 

And aren't those mums my hubby brought home gorgeous?

So if the fall colors are beautiful where you are, take a minute to appreciate them for me. Someday, I'll see them, too.


  1. I hope you do get to New England in the autumn some time! October is the month to visit; most the leaves have changed colors, but not too many leaves have fallen so there aren't a plethora of bare trees yet. My husband and I plan a day each year just to go for a nice long drive through the mountains. Thank you for the reminder that we are blessed with autumn colors, and not everyone gets to enjoy them every year. It makes me appreciate the view out my window even more :)

    1. My birthday is in October, so that's how I'll celebrate it someday, with a New England leaf tour.

    2. Oh what a lovely celebration that will be :)