Monday, July 25, 2016

Working on a Cover

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented on possible covers for After the Fireweed. The mountains were the overwhelming favorite. (Sorry moose.) I know a lot of romance readers prefer people on a cover. I tend to lean the other way. I like to imagine the characters based on the description in the book, rather than the cover. 

So I've been playing with the mountain scene a little, trying to make it a little dreamier and more romantic. What do you think? Does darkening the background make it more romantic? Or just fog up the view? 

16% of vote
75% of vote


  1. I think I prefer the brighter mountain scene,seems more hopeful and less stormy.

  2. It is a hopeful kind of story, although of course there are storms. Thanks for the opinion, and for stopping by.

  3. I think the brighter version looks better; but I do like the crop of the darker pic. Zoomed in on the flower with mountains filling up the background. I think that's more appealing than having all that sky at the top of the cover.

  4. I'm leaning that way a little myself, and I agree about the crop. It makes the fireweed more prominent. Although I do like the way the light words pop out of a dark background. Still tinkering. Thanks for stopping by.