Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ice Scupltures in Fairbanks

My daughter and her boyfriend came to visit, so this past weekend, we went to Fairbanks, Alaska to see the ice sculpture park. The international ice carving championship wasn't held this year, but they still had an amazing collection of ice sculpture. 

There were carvings made from single blocks of ice, about 5x3x8 feet, with amazing detail. Then there were the larger scupltures, made from multiple blocks stacked together. If you look closely at some of them, you can see the seams where the blocks meet. And finally, there was the kid's park, with climbing sculptures like this ship, plus slides, mazes, and even spinning cups of ice. 

We talked with one of the sculptors who told us about the carving process and how he got into it. He said last year's competition included contestants from forty US states and twenty different countries. 

I was amazed by the intricate detail in these sculptures. We saw them in the daylight, but I'm sure they were even more beautiful at night when lit by colored lights. Well worth the visit.


  1. How cool! I like the final sculpture the most. Are they bison?

    1. Yes, and the shards of grass around the bottom were icicles. It's hard to tell the scale from the photo, but they were at least twelve feet tall.

  2. Thank you so much for posting these pictures!! It is the only way that I can get to see them. They are truly beautiful!!!! :) <3

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