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A Fleeting Glimpse

On the way home today, driving from downtown on the Glen Highway, I saw something amazing. After a couple of weeks of gray overcast, the day was clear. It was a quarter after four. The sun had set, and the half-light painted the sky the rich blue-gray of a well-washed pair of jeans. New snow, pure and crisp, frosted the Chugach Range, illuminated by an almost full moon rising. Even the lights lining the highway added to the beauty of the scene, leading the eye to the mountains beyond.

Taking a picture while driving 60 mph isn't wise, so I waited until I got home. By that time, the moon had risen further, the sky was darker, the angle was wrong, and trees blocked the view. This is what I got.

January 2, 2015 4:25, Anchorage Alaska

It's like the old riddle: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears, did it make a sound? If there was nobody to share the beauty and no way to capture it, was it still a beautiful moment? Yes. Oh, yes. 

Even if there is no tangible proof, I was there to see the moon on the snowy mountains, just as I've seen hummingbirds, and rainbows, and a million small miracles I wasn't able to capture on film. These memories are a part of me, of who I am. They're also a treasure trove to dig into as I write, so that my characters can feel the awe I felt. As we start a new year, we need to remember to cherish the unexpected moments of beauty whenever they happen. 


  1. Oh this resonates with me - every single day when I'm out with my dog I see something amazing, unexpected or beautiful and feel a need to capture it on film. It's not that I even share these pictures with anyone very often, but it's the only proof I have that these moments existed ... and it helps me hang on to them just a little bit longer. Your sunset sounds gorgeous. Here's to many more natural miracles in 2015.


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